Class Deck Fall 2011 - Dwarf Warrior

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Class Deck Fall 2011 - Dwarf Warrior

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Class Deck Fall 2011 - Dwarf Warrior

Stromdak of Ironforge

Ally (23)
Darktwister Kern x2
Kelsa Wildfire x3
Knight Karia x3
Laenthor Shademoon x2
Liba Wobblebonk x2
Mooncaller Jynalla Nightpath x1
Nakistis, Exodar Armorer x3
Patricia Potter x4
Shanis Bladefall x2
Terina Calin x1

Ability (14)
Armed to the Teeth x2
Battle Shout x3
Enraged Regeneration x1
Execute x3
Heroic Leap x2
Rend x2
Stance Mastery x1

Equipment (6)
Bloodbane's Fall x1
Fel Iron Hatchet x3
Golem Skull Helm x1
Warmace of Menethil x1

Quest (17)
A Bird In Hand x3
Blueleaf Tubers x1
Entrenched x4
Forged of Shadow and Flame x3
The Grimtotem Weapon x2
The Key to Freedom x4

Total cards: 60

Not a bad Warrior compared to the last one. Took him into all three dungeons and he did OK.. Shadowfang Keep was a push for him though as he doesnt do well for healing.

My 'Bonus' card was Life Tap .. great for my WARRIOR? My other insert card more than made up for it. I got a Kiting Loot Card. £90 loot card in an £8 deck.. sweet :D

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