Ultimate Synergy - Raid Healing Paladin

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Ultimate Synergy - Raid Healing Paladin

Unread post by doggiedoo » Sat Oct 24, 2015 9:31 pm

I spent a bunch of time making this deck as my friends and I like to add difficulty to raid's (through custom measures) and I went through my collection looking for a way to shutdown boss's melee attacks, heal, save allies, and destroy ongoing abilities. All while cantripping on a stupid number of cards to keep your hand in a healthy spot.

Kaerie, Defender of the Sunwell

Ally (15)
Alethia Brightsong x4
Blood Knight Kyria x4
Hanthal Lightward x4
Shadala x3

Ability (30)
Blessing of Trials x4
Deliberate Heal x4
Favor of the Light x1
Glimmer of Hope x2
Hammer of Justice x4
Hammer of the Zealot x2
Holy Light x1
Inspiring Light x3
Lay on Hands x1
Lesson of the Divine x4
Restitution x1
Sacred Purification x1
Shelter x2

Quest (13)
Apply This Twice a Day x1
Call to Arms: Eye of the Storm x1
Forces of Jaedenar x3
One Draenei's Junk x4
Seeds of Their Demise x2
The Boon of Remulos x2

Location (2)
Arathi Basin x2

Total cards: 60

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