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A question regarding "Quest" cards

Posted: Mon Nov 14, 2016 2:55 am
by 3L3M3NT4L
Greetings to the TCG Browser community! Allow me to quickly share my story, it will explain why a certain question had emerged in my mind.

Until 2014, i had never played a single TCG even once, ever. However, i was always a huge fan of Blizzard Entertainment's titles, especially the Warcraft series.
Just like many millions of other players, i enjoyed playing World of Warcraft, Warcraft III, II and Orcs & Humans. In 2014, when Hearthstone was released to the open public, i had instantly downloaded the game and began playing it. Lacking any experience in TCG's, at first i didn't find the game to my liking, and ceased playing it for an entire year, but then gave it an another shot and found it to be very competitive and interesting. At this point, when the words "Trading Card Game" actually began to mean something to me, i remembered, that way back in the day before Hearthstone was even developed, there was an older physical version of a Warcraft Trading Card Game.

So i went on the internet and bought two starter packs, the very first ones - "Heroes of Azeroth" for me and my brother. Upon reading the Beginners Manual and playing a few games against my brother, i had come to an obvious conclusion, that Warcraft - The Trading Card Game and Hearthstone have a lot of differences between them. Being an inexperienced player, i noticed only the most evident, obvious differences - the resource/mana crystal system being one of them. As we know, in Hearthstone, players start a match with a lesser amount of cards, but each turn, a mana crystal (resource point) gets automatically assigned to a player. In Warcraft TCG, the player himself has to choose, which specific card is going to be used a resource. What's more important, if the player has no "Quest" cards in his hand, he may choose any other card as a resource instead. This is where my question takes place. Specifically, if a non-quest card has been "sacrificed" as a resource point, are there any quest cards in existence of the Warcraft TCG that may replace it back into the players hand, thus restoring it? Or would this concept be a "broken" one?

For an example - on Turn 1, Player 1 has no Quest Cards, so he plays a Non-Quest card as resource point instead. On his second turn, the player comes to a conclusion, that he needs the "previously-used-as-a-resource-card" for further benefit. So on his second turn, he draws and plays (very conveniently, for the sake of an example) a quest card that says: "Pay 1 to complete this Quest - Reward: Replace any other resource card with an another card from your hand".

Of course, this is merely an example. So my question is twofold - Did such a Quest card (or something similar) exist throughout the history of the Warcraft TCG. If not, would this mean, that the entire concept of returning a used as a resource card is broken? Personally i think this would work, but i am far from being a TCG specialist, so that is why it would extremely interesting to know your opinion guys.



Re: A question regarding "Quest" cards

Posted: Sat Nov 19, 2016 7:21 pm
by Ghost
I don't think that would be broken at all as a concept. Nothing was ever printed that returned face-down resources back to your hand in such a direct manner, though.

The best way I could think to do it would be to somehow destroy your face-down resource, which would move the card to the graveyard, and then use another effect that could return a card from the graveyard to your hand or even directly into play. Reshuffling your graveyard back into your deck would be another way to recover the card eventually.

As an example with real cards: You could use the card "Twig of the World Tree" to destroy a face-down resource you control, and then use a card like "Rebirth" to get that card back into play if it were an ally.

Re: A question regarding "Quest" cards

Posted: Fri Dec 23, 2016 5:52 am
by 3L3M3NT4L
Thank you for your reply, Ghost! Perhaps the creators of the Warcraft TCG simply did not wish to include such micro management in their game, and focused on other aspects instead. But it's nice to know your opinion regardless! Thanks again!

Re: A question regarding "Quest" cards

Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 12:30 am
by Spass
To be honest the irreversible decisions of which card to put as a resource is a great aspect of WoW TCG gameplay in my opinion and it requires you to wisely plan your game (and before that, your deck building - how many strong cards I'm able to exchange with a weaker quests...)

But the card closest to managing your face-down resources is Bloodmage Kael'thas I think.