Ultimate Counter - Raid Mage

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Ultimate Counter - Raid Mage

Unread post by doggiedoo » Sat Oct 24, 2015 10:21 pm

This deck is pretty straight forward. 19 counterspells is enough to prevent boss's from doing A LOT of their powerful abilities, but the deck isn't literally just counters and resources. So there's more than just passing and countering for the mage player...The mage also geets to DPS via allies, and prevent the boss from attacking. The HERO POWER is amazing and used almost every raid on whatever the AoE encounter is.
I know I added 'Baxtan' who is horde, but I don't care. I never saw another time to play that card, and the synergy is fun.
By keeping card's cheap, you can usually always keep up counter magic, and keep refueling your hand with Corki's Ransom.

The 1-of's give the player some outs they wouldn't have otherwise.

By the way, don't try using all star counter card 'The Taste of the Arcana' it's only good vs PLAYERS, bosses always have lots of resources.

Nicholas Merrick

Ally (17)
Baxtan, Herald of the Flame x4
Kaelon, Herald of the Flame x3
Lady Bancroft x4
Parvink x1
Savis Cindur x1
Water Elemental x3
Woodsie Leafsong x1

Ability (29)
Blizzard x1
Counterspell x4
Favor of the Arcane x1
Fizzle x4
Frigid Winds x4
Frostbolt x1
Ice Barrier x1
Mana Agate x2
Mystic Denial x1
Nether Fissure x2
Nether Fracture x4
Spell Ricochet x4

Quest (12)
Corki's Ransom x3
Forces of Jaedenar x1
Seeds of Their Demise x3
The Boon of Remulos x4
Zapped Giants x1

Location (2)
Arathi Basin x2

Total cards: 60

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