New Oni Tank

You have a deck under construction, but you don't know which quest would be the best, ask here!
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New Oni Tank

Unread post by jf_vlad » Fri Jun 09, 2017 10:45 am

Normal: Stalwart Protector, Herod's Shoulder, Burn Away, The Cruel Hand of Timmy
Heroic: 2xThorn in the Side, Onyxia Blood Talisman, Onyxia Tooth Pendant


Ally (16)
Donna Calister x1
Kena Shadowbrand x4
Parvink x4
Randipan x2
Treesong x1
Warden Tonarin x4

Ability (19)
Defensive Stance x2
Demoralizing Shout x1
Fall Back x4
Guard Duty x4
Last Stand x1
Mocking Blow x2
Shield Bash x2
Stalwart Protector x3
Thorn in the Side x0

Equipment (225)
Draconian Deflector x3
Girdle of Uther x1
Golem Skull Helm x1
[wow=Herod's Shoulder]Herod's Shoulder[/wow] x1
Onyxia Blood Talisman x0
Onyxia Tooth Pendant x0
Stronghold Gauntlets x1
The Cruel Hand of Timmy x1

Quest (17)
Chasing A-Me 01 x3
Into the Maw of Madness x4
[wow=It's a Secret to Everybody]It's a Secret to Everybody[/wow] x3
Sunken Treasure x2
The Missing Diplomat x1
Your Fortune Awaits You x4

Total cards: 60
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