Krog, The Deathfist

You have a deck under construction, but you don't know which quest would be the best, ask here!
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Krog, The Deathfist

Unread post by Khash » Sun Sep 16, 2018 5:00 pm

You have better deck DK but this one is one of the best for Krog, the deathfist.

[wow=Krog the Deathfist]Krog the Deathfist[/wow]

[b][size=125]Ally (29)[/size][/b]
[wow=Broderick Langforth]Broderick Langforth[/wow] x4
[wow=Rak Skyfury]Rak Skyfury[/wow] x4
[wow=Saurfang the Younger, Kor'kron Warlord]Saurfang the Younger, Kor'kron Warlord[/wow] x3
[wow=Swift Timber Wolf]Swift Timber Wolf[/wow] x4
[wow=Tal'zin]Tal'zin[/wow] x2
[wow=Vanessa Fairgraves]Vanessa Fairgraves[/wow] x4
[wow=Vuz'din]Vuz'din[/wow] x4
[wow=Zugna, Windseer Apprentice]Zugna, Windseer Apprentice[/wow] x4

[b][size=125]Ability (13)[/size][/b]
[wow=Army of the Dead]Army of the Dead[/wow] x2
[wow=Hysteria]Hysteria[/wow] x4
[wow=Mind Freeze]Mind Freeze[/wow] x3
[wow=Tuskarr Kite]Tuskarr Kite[/wow] x4

[b][size=125]Equipment (229)[/size][/b]
[wow=Edge of Oblivion]Edge of Oblivion[/wow] x4

[b][size=125]Quest (10)[/size][/b]
[wow=A Warm Welcome]A Warm Welcome[/wow] x4
[wow=Hazardous Materials]Hazardous Materials[/wow] x3
[wow=Hidden Enemies]Hidden Enemies[/wow] x3

[b][size=125]Location (4)[/size][/b]
[wow=Kor'kron Vanguard]Kor'kron Vanguard[/wow] x4

[b][size=125]Total cards: 60[/size][/b]
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