Trap hunter

You have a deck under construction, but you don't know which quest would be the best, ask here!
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Trap hunter

Unread post by Kevinkevre » Mon Jan 19, 2015 10:55 pm

A somewhat cheap deck with trap cards and hunter allies. The idea of this simple deck is to have a widde variety of traps and a weapon focused on readying your hero, so you can attack with longa range and in the opponent's turn use traps. Most trap effects are perfect to annoy your oponent and the allies will complement the strategy with inspire quest, ferocity and long range. Quests are focused on long range, drawing cards and picking up abilities/allies.

Gaxtro, Bilgewater Marksman

Ally (22)
Bloodwatcher Denissa x2
Brok Bloodcaller x1
Drotara the Bloodpoint x2
Elder Huntsman Swiftshot x2
Galvano the Beast Lord x2
Jaron, Herald of the Hunt x3
Jil'ti x1
Kagra of the Crossroads x1
Kuz'Vun x1
Marksman Glous x2
Matalo Trailfinder x1
Rorga Trueshot x1
Savuka the Acute x1
Sylvanas, Queen of the Forsaken x1
Tauren Tracker x1

Ability (18)
Bear Trap x3
Bestial Rage x1
Blast Trap x1
Conflagration Trap x1
Eruption Trap x2
Explosive Trap x2
Freezing Arrow x1
Freezing Trap x2
Immolation Trap x1
Immolation Trap x1
Noxious Trap x1
Quick Trap x2

Equipment (215)
Barbaric Legstraps x1
Breastplate of the Queen's Guard x1
Trapper's Rifle x1

Quest (16)
A Demonic Presence x2
A Proper String x3
Mystery Goo x2
Mystery Goo x2
Signed in Blood x1
The Essence of Enmity x2
Your Fortune Awaits You x4

Location (1)
Orgrim's Hammer x1

Total cards: 60
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