Hekto Control

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Hekto Control

Unread post by Cooler39140 » Fri Feb 20, 2015 10:22 am

This deck has no description.

Hekto Starspire

Ally (4)
Broderick Langforth x4

Ability (44)
Arcane Torrent x4
Blaze of Light x4
Blinding Word x4
Censure x4
Convert x4
Guardian of the Light x4
Hammer of the Righteous x4
Penance x4
Topple x4
Vengeful Crusader Strike x4
Wrath of Turalyon x4

Equipment (218)
Anti-magic Potion x4
Destiny x4

Quest (4)
Counterattack! x4

Total cards: 60
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