Raid Mage/Kalecgos

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Raid Mage/Kalecgos

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A perfect play will see Arcane Enlightenment enter on turn 4 and flipping your hero on turn 5 with at least three 0 or x costing spells in hand. These spells only need valid targets, and since my focus is on raids and dungeons, your friendly allies/heroes also count. This deck can consistently manage to put Kalecgos out for free. At that point, your spells are being copied, putting 2 counters each spell instead of 1 on Arcane Enlightenment. The goal is to fill Enlightenment on turn 5 without decking yourself, keep 1 open resource for an interrupt, then use scorch from the graveyard to clear everything out and kill all of the bosses. If enlightenment is solved at any time, you have graveyard recursion, card draw, and enough control and interrupts to still be able to be a participating member of the team outside of your kill turn.Use seeds to help you delve for needed spells when you flip your hero, don't bother using before then. Complete Question of Gluttony in response to any time your hand would be brought below 7 cards before turn 5 (although paying 1 or 2 to complete it isn't bad either if it is still before turn 4)
Restless Dead is usually helpful for other friendly players as well as yourself and is cheaper than Torch of Retribution for nearly the same effects.
There "is" better card draw than Arcane Research, but not really better card draw that Kalecgos can copy while keeping you from tapping out all your resources or having to play an ongoing.

Obora the Wise

Master Hero (4)
Kalecgos x4

Ability (44)
Arcane Enlightenment x4
Arcane Missiles x4
Arcane Research x4
Arcane Spikes x4
Fizzle x4
Frost Blast x4
Meltdown x4
Scorch x4
Set Ablaze x4
The More, the Scarier x4
The Taste of Arcana x4

Quest (12)
A Question of Gluttony x4
Seeds of Their Demise x4
The Restless Dead x2
The Spirit Polluted x2

Total cards: 60
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