Traitor Among Us

You have a deck under construction, but you don't know which quest would be the best, ask here!
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Traitor Among Us

Unread post by Mizer18 » Mon Jun 01, 2015 7:31 pm

Raid Deck meant to rush Illidan faster than ICC can flip the Lich King for 300,000 unpreventable Shadow Damage. The good part is that not much of what you're doing is affected by what the boss would try to do to you that your friendly tank or healer shouldn't be able to prevent. That is if you don't prevent it yourself. Self sufficient, help teammates with draws if they need it, or yourself if you find that somehow you need them. I don't recommend running this deck against Black Temple or any resource limiting raids.
Of course, to explain a bit, the point of the deck is that when Illidan is out, you can call out any traitor ally from your collection. This includes Kael and Vashj, and, if you want to be mean, the ally that starts an Ony raid.

Mythen of the Fang

Master Hero (2)
Illidan Stormrage x2

Ally (14)
Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage x2
Davius, Herald of Nature x4
Emerald Tree Warder x4
Valeera x4

Ability (24)
Avatar of the Wild x4
Energize x4
Hurricane x4
Innervate x4
Path of Life x4
Tranquility x4

Quest (20)
A Question of Gluttony x4
No Mere Dream x4
Seeds of Their Demise x4
The Restless Dead x2
The Sigil of Krasus x2
The Spirit Polluted x4

Total cards: 60
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