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My starter - Marksmanship Hunter

Posted: Wed Jul 15, 2015 6:08 am
by Cooler39140
Here comes the new starter by m3!
It was quite a challenge for me to make this deck with ONLY Hunter allies and ranged weapons but it was to let you trigger Levander.
Still, you can play abilities and quests with this deck.

Levander of the Sanguine Shot

Ally (35)
Bluffstalker Honovi x3
Boum Headshot x3
Claemora Amberglare x3
Drotara the Bloodpoint x3
Elder Huntsman Swiftshot x1
Jaron, Herald of the Hunt x2
Kalnuf Eagleheart x3
Kuz'Vun x3
Nikka Blastbor x3
Outrider Zarg x3
Rorga Trueshot x3
Tauren Tracker x3
Valik, Timewalker Sharpshooter x2

Ability (14)
Bestial Rage x2
Clutch Shot x3
Hunter's Mark x2
Quickdraw x3
Steady Shot x2
Wipe or Snipe x2

Equipment (216)
Ancient Bone Bow x2
Blastershot Launcher x1
Lightningflash x2
Nerubian Conqueror x1

Quest (5)
A Proper String x2
Proving Grounds x3

Total cards: 60