My starter - Fire Mage

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My starter - Fire Mage

Unread post by Cooler39140 » Wed Jul 22, 2015 10:01 am

Sorry for being busy, I just don't have ideas for my starters.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Anyway, here is my one for mage. Hope you enjoy.

Phosphus the Everburning

Ally (35)
Arnold Flem x2
Baxtan, Herald of the Flame x2
Belmaril, Timewalker Bloodmage x1
Benethor Draigo x3
Broderick Langforth x1
Durotar Flamecaster x3
Firewarden Wyland Kaslinth x3
Flamebringer Gaxix x2
Ian Lanstrick x2
Kalam'ti x1
Murphy Watson x3
Nathaniel Voran x3
Orc Flamecaller x3
Thespius Bloodblaze x3
Waz'luk x3

Ability (18)
Blazing Debris x3
Blistering Fire x3
Feast of Flame x2
Fire Blast x3
Flame Burst x3
Molten Scorch x2
Reckless Fireball x2

Quest (4)
Blueleaf Tubers x3
The Fare of Lar'korwi x1

Location (3)
Eye of the Storm x3

Total cards: 60
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