Twilight Assasin

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Twilight Assasin

Unread post by Cooler39140 » Fri Oct 23, 2015 11:46 am

"Dear Cooler
My benefits for this battle between life and death is much as above than Deathwing's. Earlier, I was in reach to slay Nefarian when he sopke last words: 'Please, just stop. You seem to be a very assasin on your own. I will do anything by calling Twilight dragons, but just leave me alone!'
I understood that my decision about forcing up with Twilight (and Black) dragons wasn't that bad either like killing Nefarian (I still call him Niefajnius). It was sure to spike Deathwing and end the Cataclysm, that's what I had in my mind when facing Niefajnius. Now Twilight learnt how to start and end rumbles, and either did I. ;)
-Dragonslayer Drux"
And so I made a new dragon deck after finding his letter to what you may not like. Provides some harsh tools to weaken your opponent, while also lets you use powerful powers of Twilight and Black dragons. Hope you enjoy, as always. ;)

Dragonslayer Drux

Ally (36)
Batter Brains McGillicutty x2
Broderick Langforth x4
Farander Shadesurge x3
Kazbaz x2
Korlix Grimvik x4
Nefarian x2
Obsidian Drakonid x3
Obsidian Drudge x3
Obsidian Enforcer x3
Twilight Emissary x3
Twilight Shadowdrake x3
Twilight Wyrmkiller x3
Varimathras x1

Ability (20)
Beyond the Grave x1
Corpse Explosion x4
Dark Dissolution x3
Dark Simulacrum x2
Death's Decree x2
Frozen Core x4
Raise the Dead x4

Quest (4)
Last of Her Kind x4

Total cards: 60
Just saying hi to WoW TCG.
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