Reckoning Paladin

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Reckoning Paladin

Unread post by Cooler39140 » Sat Dec 17, 2016 8:34 pm

Yeah, I came back a little to this. I made this deck just due to boredom. And maybe because I was looking at Reckoning and though about a deck that can revolve around it.


Ally (32)
Alyna Sunshower x4
Aresan Bloodshield x3
Blood Knight Kyria x3
Daedak the Graveborne x3
Hanthal Lightward x3
Jaroth Lightguard x4
Kyroth Steelspite x4
Lordann the Bloodreaver x4
Voltrinnia x4

Ability (26)
Blessed Life x2
Convert x3
Courageous Defense x2
Deliberate Heal x3
Deliberate Vengeance x3
Guardian of the Light x4
[wow=Guardian's Shield]Guardian's Shield[/wow] x2
Hammer of the Divine x2
Reckoning x2
Restitution x3

Equipment (219)
Dragonflight Great-Ring x2

Total cards: 60
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