Activate Power Rules

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Activate Power Rules

Unread post by Felvoid » Mon Mar 25, 2019 8:31 am

Hi, I am need a bit advice with the rules about activate powers.
Please tell me anything about how to use them correct, because I am not sure when I can use them.
I know I cannot use activate power during the same turn I play any ally , but other cards do not have that restriction , but BASIC or or your turn quote make a rule, so
Can I use :
1. I played the Death Mask (RoF) activate power during opposing turn , when he attack me with token ally orc warrior with ferocity, to destroy of those tokens?
2. I played Corvus ally < acivate power > Remove target ability or equipment > then during next opposing turn, can I remove his armor or ongoing ability ?
3. I played Bianca Timewalker Mage ally , and then during next opposing turn can I use her ability to freeze opposing ally to attack my hero ?
4. I played Emora Delvin ally < This turn, target ally can't attack or protect, loses and can't have powers, and is also a Sheep.> ,
so during next opposing turn
can I target Garrosh Hellscream ally to stop him creating any orc warrior tokens ? < FerocityGarrosh can attack only heroes.
At the start of your turn, for this and each other Orc ally you control, put a 2 Melee / 2 Health Horde Orc Warrior ally token into play with Ferocity and "This ally can attack only heroes.">
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Re: Activate Power Rules

Unread post by Spass » Fri Mar 29, 2019 8:53 pm

Hello. You can't use an activated power (that which require exhausting) of an ally that was played on your last turn, during your opponent's next turn.

Rule 701.3 talks about that:
An activated power is a payment power with an activate ( exhaust / "tap" ) symbol as part of its cost. To pay that part of its cost, exhaust the card with that power. A card can’t be exhausted to pay a cost if it’s already exhausted. An ally’s activated powers can be used only if that card has been in its current party continuously since the start of its controller’s most recent turn. Only allies have this restriction.

Exception to that rule is when an ally has Time is Money keyword power. Allies with Ferocity still can't use activated powers the turn they were played, they can only attack.
Time is Money: A keyword power that allies can have. It means “This ally can use [Activate] powers from the turn it enters your party.” However, an ally with time is money can't be proposed as an attacker unless that card has been under the turn player's control continuously since the start of his current turn, as usual.

So, to answer your questions:
1. You can use Mask of Death's activated power (Equipment has no restrictions of when you can use those powers, unless it specifically says Basic or "on your turn"). But what do you mean "to destroy those tokens'"? From what I see you would just "change" their Health to 2.
2. No, you would have to wait until the start of your next turn (rule 701.3).
3. No, same reason.
4. No, same reason.

Hope that helps a bit. Not sure if you have it already, but here are some rulebooks:
Drums of War Rulebook (basic) - ... nFKa0NKcmc
Comprehensive Rules v7.4 (advanced) - ... UxUUlVhb3M
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