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1st deck (Blood-Ruby)
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1st deck (Blood-Ruby)
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2nd deck (Ruby-Wild)
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2nd deck (Ruby-Wild)
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Deck Building Options

Unread post by Classy » Mon May 07, 2018 3:05 am

Hello guys, I want to build a deck, i have money only for 1 and i don't know which is better, and i would like some suggestions. I will post the links, and deck lists here.

1)!/deck=f279 ... b4f5bd47da
Champion: Jawz
1x Flare Fiend
3x Lazgar's Bloodsworn
2x Zomboyz
2x Nox Animist
4x Torch Runner
3x Nox Zealot
2x Scorpinox
1x Emperor Nox

2x Gorge of the Gore God
3x Fatal Dose
4x Noxious Turn
3x Jouncing Carnage
3x Refuel
3x Sting of the Scorpinox

3x Blood Ice
7x Blood Shard
2x Root of Hatred
3x Ruby Ice
7x Ruby Shard
2x Shard of Hatred

2)!/deck=e451 ... a5232c05a8
Champion: The Rabid Rider
3x Flare Imp
2x Feralfuel Packhunter
4x Fuel Flinger
4x Fuelmaster
4x Howling Rebel
3x Joltjabber
3x Pack Pummeler
2x Radical Rocksurfer
4x Surging Wildfire
1x Jaxx Maxx
1x Feralfuel Conqueror

3x Cremate
3x Return to Cinder
2x Battle of Destiny

2x Root of Savagery
3x Ruby Ice
6x Ruby Shard
2x Shard of Savagery
3x Wild Ice
5x Wild Shard
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