Collectors for the win!

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Collectors for the win!

Unread post by duckwc » Mon Jan 09, 2012 11:02 pm

Hey everyone,
We finally made it, I'm sure that most of your dreams are going to become reality (I'm talking for the card collectors of course :roll: )
So, we applied today a major change to the site. I hope it won't have too much side effects, but this will change some of your habits. here are a few details on this patch:

1: All versions of a card are shown and can be managed in a collection. The only drawback is that even if you won't be able to add a card to your collection now by specifying only it's name, set will now be important too

2: You can hide the reprints of a card to see only the amount of each unique card you have (useful when you are trying to build your deck), when merging cards this way, you won't be able to edit the amount of a card which has multiple versions without switching back to the full display.

I know some cards are still missing, I'll continue updating them over the few next days. Don't hesitate however to signal us any miss.
Thank you all and I hope you'll like this patch.
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