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Online playing Decks

Unread post by duckwc » Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:41 pm


after much hesitation, I finally regenerated all the card sets for MWS and OCTGN.
They are now based on block instead of sets, this will avoid limitation on MWS on the number of sets used in a deck and will allow an easier management since you'll only have to download 7 files instead of the dozens necessary before.
Heroes backsides have been included for almost all heroes. (only naxramass heroes will be missing)

The drawbacks will be following:
- last block will need to be updated when a set is released
- the files are of course bigger
- if you already generated decks, you'll have to regenerate all of them to have them compatible with this new version

As always, these sets can be accessible from the deck export dialog box.
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