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Draft Simulation

Unread post by duckwc » Sat Apr 07, 2012 1:13 pm

Hello all!
The last major update we made on the site was a long time ago now, this is a shame, however we were not completly lazy and we gave all our inspiration and knowledge in this last update, not to mention several dozen of hours.
We would like to thank sincerely one of our users that helped us with the design and without whom this will not have been that nice. I name theophanya. Thanks a lot!!!

So now, enough with the introduction, let me proudly present you the only Draft Simulator for WoWTCG.
This tool is now available in the top menu. For technical reasons, it is currently limited to registred users. We will try to work on a guest compatible version, even if we strongly advice you to register to the site.

Following is a short description of this tool, for those of you who can endure my english and have time to lose:

The draft is composed of a lobby in which you'll be allowed to create a new game by pressing the "CREATE TABLE" link or join existing games until they are started.
Each game is represented by a table which can allow up to 8 players/bots to join.
The table owner, who created the game in the first place is responsible of the table, he can add bots, kick players from any table and he will be the one who starts the match when he decides everyone is ready.

During the game, the classical draft rules apply, I'll not write them here. The only little addon to the rules is a timer that the owner can set during table creation. This timer will set the maximum number of seconds players have to choose their card; if they fail to do so, a bot will choose for them and next turn will begin.

When draft is finished, you'll be able to list all the cards you picked.

Just a little detail. The current version is limited to Twilight of the Dragons, Crown of Heaven and Throne of the Tides boosters. I'm missing stats for the card ratios inside the other boosters. They will be added later when I'm able to get this information and configure it in the tool.

That's all for now! Thanks a lot for those who read all of this.
Of course, we would like to get as much of your feedbacks as possible to improve this tool.
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