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Unread post by duckwc » Thu May 26, 2011 5:25 pm

Welcome here to your brand new forum!

As you may have noticed, tcgbrowser is in constant evolution.
We added today a nice feature which is the forum, you'll now be able to share your impressions with us and the rest of our little, but fast growing community.

As a border effect of this feature, you may exprience some issues with the authentication process, which has been completly adapted and migrated to a new safer scheme. If you have any problem logging on or finding your collection / decks again, don't worry, nothing has been lost, so contact us and we will do our best to restore everything the way it was for everyone.

Of course, feel free to give life to the forum by posting about yourself, your decks, any suggestion to improve the site, or anything you want to share.

Thanks for your support and long life to TCG Browser :D
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