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Wowtcg Mobile Heroes

Unread post by duckwc » Sun May 06, 2012 9:57 pm

This time the update we are giving you is not as huge as the previous one, many not as bugged either.
It was quite a long time we didn't touch the mobile version of the site.
After trying to use it in a couple of events, I found that some features were missing. So here are the new ones:

*You can now search only hero cards by clicking the corresponding checkbox. You can now for example check this box, the core box and enter shaman in the search field to look at all shamans heroes available in the current core format.

*The cards can be displayed in higher quality and full screen by clicking their picture in the card info display. You can even use this display with heroes during a game (click on the hero and it'll flip and you can manage the damage on it too).

A nice picture is better than any word, so check it here
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