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Updates to Trading Post

Posted: Sat Jul 11, 2015 8:32 pm
by bogycoins
I've updated the site with some improvements to the Trading Post. It is now split into two sections, Pending Trades and Available Traders. The Available Traders section has the same old functionality, showing the users that have cards/equipment in their wishlist/tradelist that match yours.

The new section, Pending Trades, will show trade offers that you sent or received. After you proposed or received a trade offer, a new entry will be added in this section. Clicking on an offer will open a dialog showing the details. There are also two buttons here, Completed and Declined. Click on those buttons according to how the trade went. If both you and your trade partener choose Completed, then the trade will be marked as successfuly finished and both of you will have your trade count increased. Otherwise, the trade will be marked as declined and your trade count won't be modified. (Trade count is not yet displayed, but all the information is stored in the DB so nothing is lost)