Quest Strategy

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Quest Strategy

Unread post by raserei83 » Fri Sep 09, 2011 2:10 am

I've been looking over top 8 deck lists of DMF decks seeing what's currently competitive. I have always constructed decks with the mindset of 1/4 should be quests (or now lands) -- keep in mind I played through the first 4-5 sets or so, took a big break, and am just coming back. But, most of the decks on these sites only have an average of 10 quests as apposed to my usual 16. Is the thought that you'll just resource the "worse" card you get in your hand while you wait for quests to pop up in the pool? Just wondering the strategy involved in the minimal quest saturation of most of these decks.
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Re: Quest Strategy

Unread post by duckwc » Sun Sep 25, 2011 12:38 pm

The incomming of the worldbreaker set bring us the keyword :Stash.
Some great cards like Cairne or Magni are played because of this keyword.
So now you have to count these cards like resources and not only quests and locations.

If you are looking some of the last BLOCK decklists, you will see there is sometimes less than 10 quests/locations/stash. This is due to the fact that the quests of the Worldbreaker block (Worldbreaker/War of the Elements/Twilight of the Dragons) are incredibly poor compared with the old quests. Sometimes its hard to find 16 block quests/locations/stash that could really be playable in your deck. So people prefer to play an efficient card rather than a quest that you know you will never pay its cost...
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