My starter - Survival Hunter

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My starter - Survival Hunter

Unread post by Cooler39140 » Mon Aug 24, 2015 7:23 am

Ye want to get some training against the Scourge, lad? Then here's another starter by my friend Cooler. I hope it will help ye, because Cooler now hunts for geists for incoming Oktoberfest. :P

Gramm Thunderjaw

Ally (35)
Bakaar x2
Galabak Barrelmark x3
Grumdak, Herald of the Hunt x2
Guruvan x2
Jeleane Nightbreeze x3
Llyras Keeneye x3
Mikael the Blunt x2
Night Elf Ranger x3
Pathfinder Fansal x3
Roger Ulric x3
Stormwind Investigator x3
Valanos x3
Vesperia Silversong x3

Ability (15)
Disengage x3
Explosive Trap x2
Favor of the Hunt x3
Mongoose Bite x3
Sharp Eye x3
Survival Instincts x1

Equipment (5)
Rhok'delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers x1
Skyfire Hawk-Bow x2
Wrathtide Longbow x2

Quest (5)
A Proper String x2
Everfrost x3

Total cards: 60
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