Wanted to share with my 3 custom cards

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Wanted to share with my 3 custom cards

Unread post by Cooler39140 » Tue Oct 20, 2015 5:12 pm

All 3 are suited for Engineering heroes. One kind of each card: ally, ability, and equipment. ;)

Ally: Clockwork Knight
Ability: The Epic Move
Equipment: Cogmaster's Wrench (I know that it's EA Ally, but I can't use Equipment template)


I wanna list all heroes that can use cards with Engineering:

Death Knight: Krog the Deathfist
Druid: Dorn the Tranquil, Gwon Strongbark, Kauno Stonehoof, Lanthus the Restorer, Oakenclaw, Thangal
Hunter: Azarak Wolfsblood, Boum the Bloodseeker, Elendril, Grumpherys, Ona Skyshot, "Shaii, Strategist Supreme", The Longeye
Mage: "Black Ice" Fizzlefreeze, Nicholas Merrick, Phosphus the Everburning, Riley Sizzleswitch, Velindra Sepulchre
Paladin: Addisyn the Untouchable, Bronson Greatwhisker, Commander/Crusader Michael Goodchilde, Grand Marshal Goldensword, Justice Blindburn, Thoros the Savior, Zophos the Vengeful
Priest: Emek the Equalizer, Kalatine Carmichael, Martiana the Mindwrench, Spiritualist Sunshroud, Witch Doctor Koo'zar
Rogue: Gyro of the Ring, Jonas the Red/White, Kirox Butcherblade, Ressa Shadeshine/the Leper Queen, Savitir Skullsmahser, Sinthya Flabberghast, Timmo Shadestep, Umbrage
Shaman: Kinivus the Focused, Phadalus the Enlightened, Sepirion the Poised, Shalu Stormshatter, Tribemother Torra, Zorin of the Thunderhead
Warlock: Harrigan Soulsunder, Kristoff Manchester, Mazar, Pagatha Soulbinder, Pidge Filthfinder, Plague Demonsoul/Fleshbane, Radak Doombringer
Warrior: Boarguts the Impaler, Chloe Mithrilbolt, Halavar, Indalamar, Kaniya the Steadfast, Lord Benjamin Tremendouson
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