Ashbringer Raid Paladin

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Ashbringer Raid Paladin

Unread post by Galimar89 » Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:37 pm

Casual raid deck related to a post asking for help on reddit. Not intended for anything even remotely competitive.

Uther the Lightbringer

Ally (4)
Alexandros Mograine x0
Northshire Guardian x4

Ability (27)
Blessing of the Templar x2
Convert x2
Crusade x2
Hammer of Justice x2
Hammer of the Divine x2
Holy Light x2
Sacred Purification x3
Seal of Wisdom x2
Seal of Wrath x2
Shelter x2
[wow=Vindicator's Shock]Vindicator's Shock[/wow] x2
Zealotry x4

Equipment (241)
Annihilator x2
Corrupted Ashbringer x4
Girdle of Uther x3
[wow=Herod's Shoulder]Herod's Shoulder[/wow] x3
[wow=Lightwarden's Band]Lightwarden's Band[/wow] x1
Polished Breastplate of Valor x2
Stronghold Gauntlets x1

Quest (13)
A Final Blow x2
Bane of the Illidari x1
Blueleaf Tubers x1
Light Within the Darkness x2
Paladin Training x1
Proving Grounds x2
Sunken Treasure x1
The Restless Dead x1
Toxic Horrors x2

Total cards: 60
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