Chaos Warlock - Affliction

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Chaos Warlock - Affliction

Unread post by xistortion » Thu Feb 28, 2019 4:10 am

Chaos format. A work in progress. Going to build off the ongoing ability mechanic more. need to get some heals in here.


Master Hero (1)
[wow=Kel'Thuzad]Kel'Thuzad[/wow] x1

Ally (8)
Dreadsteed x1
Gakuri x1
Hukkath x1
[wow=Jek'kresh]Jek'kresh[/wow] x1
Kreedom x1
Rhuunom x1
Sardok x1
Sarmoth x1

Ability (33)
Blitz x1
Clinging Curse x1
Corruption x1
Cremate x1
Curse of Agony x1
Curse of Contagion x1
Curse of Exhaustion x1
Curse of Fatigue x1
Curse of Midnight x1
Curse of the Elements x1
Curse of the Fel x1
Curse of the Void x1
Curse of Tongues x1
Demonic Corruption x1
Drain Essence x1
Drain Soul x1
Everlasting Affliction x1
Feast of Flame x1
Fel Fire x1
Grim Reach x1
Haunt x1
Immolate x1
Incinerate x1
Life Tap x1
Monstrous Void x1
Nether Balance x1
Netherpocalypse x1
Nightfall x1
Shadow Bolt x1
Shroud of the Nethermancer x1
Siphon Life x1
Steal Essence x1
Unstable Affliction x1

Equipment (231)
[wow=Akama's Sash]Akama's Sash[/wow] x1
Belt of Blasting x1
Chromatic Cloak x1
Ebonweave Robe x1
Nemesis Skullcap x1
Sapphiron Drape x1
Signet of Manifested Pain x1

Quest (1)
Dreadsteed of Xoroth x1

Total cards: 50
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