New Oni Heal

You have a deck under construction, but you don't know which quest would be the best, ask here!
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New Oni Heal

Unread post by jf_vlad » Fri Jun 09, 2017 11:27 am

Normal: 2xResurrection, Hide of the Wild, The Hammer of Grace
Heroic: 2xShelter the Flock, Halo of Transcendence, Dragonslayer's Signet

[wow=Boris Brightbeard]Boris Brightbeard[/wow]

[b][size=125]Ally (12)[/size][/b]
[wow=Freya Lightsworn]Freya Lightsworn[/wow] x4
[wow=Kena Shadowbrand]Kena Shadowbrand[/wow] x2
[wow=Liba Wobblebonk]Liba Wobblebonk[/wow] x2
[wow=Randipan]Randipan[/wow] x2
[wow=Seva Shadowdancer]Seva Shadowdancer[/wow] x2

[b][size=125]Ability (27)[/size][/b]
[wow=Burn Away]Burn Away[/wow] x4
[wow=Chastise]Chastise[/wow] x3
[wow=Dispel Magic]Dispel Magic[/wow] x3
[wow=Flash Heal]Flash Heal[/wow] x4
[wow=Heal]Heal[/wow] x3
[wow=Prayer of Healing]Prayer of Healing[/wow] x3
[wow=Resurrection]Resurrection[/wow] x2
[wow=Smite]Smite[/wow] x2
[wow=Spirit Healer]Spirit Healer[/wow] x1
[wow=Spiritual Healing]Spiritual Healing[/wow] x2

[b][size=125]Equipment (222)[/size][/b]
[wow=Hide of the Wild]Hide of the Wild[/wow] x2
[wow=The Hammer of Grace]The Hammer of Grace[/wow] x3

[b][size=125]Quest (16)[/size][/b]
[wow=A Donation of Wool]A Donation of Wool[/wow] x2
[wow=Blueleaf Tubers]Blueleaf Tubers[/wow] x1
[wow=Chasing A-Me 01]Chasing A-Me 01[/wow] x1
[wow=Sunken Treasure]Sunken Treasure[/wow] x1
[wow=The Missing Diplomat]The Missing Diplomat[/wow] x1
[wow=The Princess Trapped]The Princess Trapped[/wow] x2
[wow=Your Fortune Awaits You]Your Fortune Awaits You[/wow] x4
[wow=Zapped Giants]Zapped Giants[/wow] x4

[b][size=125]Total cards: 60[/size][/b]
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