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[b][size=125]Ally (33)[/size][/b]
[wow=Apocanon]Apocanon[/wow] x3
[wow=Helwen]Helwen[/wow] x2
[wow=Hesriana]Hesriana[/wow] x3
[wow=Maazhum]Maazhum[/wow] x4
[wow=Morfiel]Morfiel[/wow] x3
[wow=Phase Hound]Phase Hound[/wow] x2
[wow=Priestess of Dementia]Priestess of Dementia[/wow] x2
[wow=Rhuunom]Rhuunom[/wow] x3
[wow=Sarmoth]Sarmoth[/wow] x1
[wow=Sister of Pleasure]Sister of Pleasure[/wow] x4
[wow=Velnoth]Velnoth[/wow] x3
[wow=Warbringer Arix'amal]Warbringer Arix'amal[/wow] x3

[b][size=125]Ability (15)[/size][/b]
[wow=Aura of Anger]Aura of Anger[/wow] x4
[wow=Form of the Serpent]Form of the Serpent[/wow] x4
[wow=Sacrificial Poison]Sacrificial Poison[/wow] x3
[wow=Sudden Death]Sudden Death[/wow] x4

[b][size=125]Quest (13)[/size][/b]
[wow=Arena Grandmaster]Arena Grandmaster[/wow] x2
[wow=Darkness Calling]Darkness Calling[/wow] x3
[wow=What Illidan Wants, Illidan Gets]What Illidan Wants, Illidan Gets[/wow] x4
[wow=You Are Rakh'likh, Demon]You Are Rakh'likh, Demon[/wow] x4

[b][size=125]Total cards: 61[/size][/b]
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