Ashbringer Raid Paladin

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Ashbringer Raid Paladin

Unread post by Galimar89 » Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:37 pm

Casual raid deck related to a post asking for help on reddit. Not intended for anything even remotely competitive.

[wow=Uther the Lightbringer]Uther the Lightbringer[/wow]

[b][size=125]Ally (4)[/size][/b]
[wow=Alexandros Mograine]Alexandros Mograine[/wow] x0
[wow=Northshire Guardian]Northshire Guardian[/wow] x4

[b][size=125]Ability (27)[/size][/b]
[wow=Blessing of the Templar]Blessing of the Templar[/wow] x2
[wow=Convert]Convert[/wow] x2
[wow=Crusade]Crusade[/wow] x2
[wow=Hammer of Justice]Hammer of Justice[/wow] x2
[wow=Hammer of the Divine]Hammer of the Divine[/wow] x2
[wow=Holy Light]Holy Light[/wow] x2
[wow=Sacred Purification]Sacred Purification[/wow] x3
[wow=Seal of Wisdom]Seal of Wisdom[/wow] x2
[wow=Seal of Wrath]Seal of Wrath[/wow] x2
[wow=Shelter]Shelter[/wow] x2
[wow=Vindicator's Shock]Vindicator's Shock[/wow] x2
[wow=Zealotry]Zealotry[/wow] x4

[b][size=125]Equipment (241)[/size][/b]
[wow=Annihilator]Annihilator[/wow] x2
[wow=Corrupted Ashbringer]Corrupted Ashbringer[/wow] x4
[wow=Girdle of Uther]Girdle of Uther[/wow] x3
[wow=Herod's Shoulder]Herod's Shoulder[/wow] x3
[wow=Lightwarden's Band]Lightwarden's Band[/wow] x1
[wow=Polished Breastplate of Valor]Polished Breastplate of Valor[/wow] x2
[wow=Stronghold Gauntlets]Stronghold Gauntlets[/wow] x1

[b][size=125]Quest (13)[/size][/b]
[wow=A Final Blow]A Final Blow[/wow] x2
[wow=Bane of the Illidari]Bane of the Illidari[/wow] x1
[wow=Blueleaf Tubers]Blueleaf Tubers[/wow] x1
[wow=Light Within the Darkness]Light Within the Darkness[/wow] x2
[wow=Paladin Training]Paladin Training[/wow] x1
[wow=Proving Grounds]Proving Grounds[/wow] x2
[wow=Sunken Treasure]Sunken Treasure[/wow] x1
[wow=The Restless Dead]The Restless Dead[/wow] x1
[wow=Toxic Horrors]Toxic Horrors[/wow] x2

[b][size=125]Total cards: 60[/size][/b]
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