Chaos Warlock - Affliction

You have a deck under construction, but you don't know which quest would be the best, ask here!
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Chaos Warlock - Affliction

Unread post by xistortion » Thu Feb 28, 2019 4:10 am

Chaos format. A work in progress. Going to build off the ongoing ability mechanic more. need to get some heals in here.


[b][size=125]Master Hero (1)[/size][/b]
[wow=Kel'Thuzad]Kel'Thuzad[/wow] x1

[b][size=125]Ally (8)[/size][/b]
[wow=Dreadsteed]Dreadsteed[/wow] x1
[wow=Gakuri]Gakuri[/wow] x1
[wow=Hukkath]Hukkath[/wow] x1
[wow=Jek'kresh]Jek'kresh[/wow] x1
[wow=Kreedom]Kreedom[/wow] x1
[wow=Rhuunom]Rhuunom[/wow] x1
[wow=Sardok]Sardok[/wow] x1
[wow=Sarmoth]Sarmoth[/wow] x1

[b][size=125]Ability (33)[/size][/b]
[wow=Blitz]Blitz[/wow] x1
[wow=Clinging Curse]Clinging Curse[/wow] x1
[wow=Corruption]Corruption[/wow] x1
[wow=Cremate]Cremate[/wow] x1
[wow=Curse of Agony]Curse of Agony[/wow] x1
[wow=Curse of Contagion]Curse of Contagion[/wow] x1
[wow=Curse of Exhaustion]Curse of Exhaustion[/wow] x1
[wow=Curse of Fatigue]Curse of Fatigue[/wow] x1
[wow=Curse of Midnight]Curse of Midnight[/wow] x1
[wow=Curse of the Elements]Curse of the Elements[/wow] x1
[wow=Curse of the Fel]Curse of the Fel[/wow] x1
[wow=Curse of the Void]Curse of the Void[/wow] x1
[wow=Curse of Tongues]Curse of Tongues[/wow] x1
[wow=Demonic Corruption]Demonic Corruption[/wow] x1
[wow=Drain Essence]Drain Essence[/wow] x1
[wow=Drain Soul]Drain Soul[/wow] x1
[wow=Everlasting Affliction]Everlasting Affliction[/wow] x1
[wow=Feast of Flame]Feast of Flame[/wow] x1
[wow=Fel Fire]Fel Fire[/wow] x1
[wow=Grim Reach]Grim Reach[/wow] x1
[wow=Haunt]Haunt[/wow] x1
[wow=Immolate]Immolate[/wow] x1
[wow=Incinerate]Incinerate[/wow] x1
[wow=Life Tap]Life Tap[/wow] x1
[wow=Monstrous Void]Monstrous Void[/wow] x1
[wow=Nether Balance]Nether Balance[/wow] x1
[wow=Netherpocalypse]Netherpocalypse[/wow] x1
[wow=Nightfall]Nightfall[/wow] x1
[wow=Shadow Bolt]Shadow Bolt[/wow] x1
[wow=Shroud of the Nethermancer]Shroud of the Nethermancer[/wow] x1
[wow=Siphon Life]Siphon Life[/wow] x1
[wow=Steal Essence]Steal Essence[/wow] x1
[wow=Unstable Affliction]Unstable Affliction[/wow] x1

[b][size=125]Equipment (231)[/size][/b]
[wow=Akama's Sash]Akama's Sash[/wow] x1
[wow=Belt of Blasting]Belt of Blasting[/wow] x1
[wow=Chromatic Cloak]Chromatic Cloak[/wow] x1
[wow=Ebonweave Robe]Ebonweave Robe[/wow] x1
[wow=Nemesis Skullcap]Nemesis Skullcap[/wow] x1
[wow=Sapphiron Drape]Sapphiron Drape[/wow] x1
[wow=Signet of Manifested Pain]Signet of Manifested Pain[/wow] x1

[b][size=125]Quest (1)[/size][/b]
[wow=Dreadsteed of Xoroth]Dreadsteed of Xoroth[/wow] x1

[b][size=125]Total cards: 50[/size][/b]
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