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Trading Post

Unread post by bogycoins » Wed Apr 29, 2015 2:22 pm

I want to take a moment to introduce to you the Trading Post. This is a newly added feature that helps you finding people to trade your cards with.

How does it work?
In order for this feature to be useful, you need to have cards added in your wishlist and tradelist. The fastest way to have these updated is to use the collection sync in conjunction with the auto generate list feature.

Once you have your lists up to date, upon entering the Trading Post, a list of users will be displayed. This list contains the users that have cards from your wishlist in their tradelist and also cards in their wishlist that you have in your tradelist.

On each line, representing a user, there are also two values, wishlist/tradelist. These represents the total number of cards in that user's wishlist/tradelist that CAN be traded both side. So for example if you have 2 Burns in your tradelist and the selected user has 3 in his wishlist, the displayed number will be 2. If he has only 1, then the displayed number will be 1. The same principle is applied to his tradelist as well. If you have 2 Burns in your wishlist and he has only 1 in tradelist, only 1 is counted. If he has 3, then 2 is counted.

Clicking a user, will open the trade window. The window has 2 important sections. The HAVES, which contains all cards in both yours and selected user's tradelists and the TRADE, which contains cards you propose for trading.
In the HAVES section, the cards are listed like this:
2x Rocket Ranger (3)
12x Adrenaline Rush

The number before the card name, represents the amount in tradelist (have), and the number in parenthesis is the amount the other have in wishlist (needs). If there is no number in parenthesis, then the other person doesn't need it.

To create a trade offer, select the cards you are offering and cards you need by clicking on the + button. The selected cards will be added in the TRADE section and their total price will be displayed in the Estimated cost section. You can also add a message if you want to.

Finally, click on the 'Send Offer' button and the selected user will receive a message on TCGBrowser's forum with the offer. From this point on, it is up to you two to discuss more details and complete the trade.

As usual, if you have any problem, questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me and I'll try to do my best to help.

Good luck in your trades!
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