My starter - Demonology Warlock

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My starter - Demonology Warlock

Unread post by Cooler39140 » Thu Jul 16, 2015 7:38 am

This is my first starter that includes a card of Epic rarity.---------------------------------If you start your adventure with WoW tCG and you want to play with Warlock, then this deck is great for you! Enjoy 35 majestic demons including the powerful Azgalor, 14 special abilities, 6 eternal equipments and 5 not-so standard quests!
Try this deck out for a good start, you won't be disappointed!

Victor Baltus

Ally (35)
Azgalor the Pit Lord x1
Blackhorn Fearmonger x3
Bleakheart Hellcaller x3
Felguard Basher x3
Felguard Marauder x3
Frenzied Doomguard x2
Hellisa x3
Jek'kresh x2
Maazhum x3
Phase Hound x3
Priestess of Horror x3
Priestess of Ruin x3
Sardok x3

Ability (14)
Banish Soul x2
Demonic Infusion x2
Demonic Soulstone x3
Dominate x2
Fel Blaze x2
Sacrificial Vengeance x3

Equipment (216)
Blade of the Witching Hour x3
Damnation x1
Robes of Arugal x2

Quest (5)
Dreadsteed of Xoroth x2
Information Gathering x3

Total cards: 60
Just saying hi to WoW TCG.
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